“With her excellent book, Finding Your Self in The Mirror, Barbara Goodman Siegel combines affirmations with the Workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles in such a way that will empower the reader to really get the meaning and experience the truth on an even deeper level than they would have. Whether you’re a beginner student or an advanced one, internalizing these lessons will accelerate your spiritual journey. I highly recommend this important and timely book.”


bestselling author of "Disappearance of The Universe" 


 Barbara Goodman Siegel

Hello, Dear one, and Welcome.

I am honored to be among the teachers of A Course in Miracles.  It is my intention that my new book, my counseling services, and any teaching I do will serve to increase our understanding of who we truly are and heal our illusions.

May we all be the blessing that we were sent here to be.